enero 30, 2010


enero 30, 2010
Mi Pàgina en Blanco,demon

In the midnight light
when my heart wakes up
when the silent is the king
when the tears turns off your soul.

Then whisper my name
and the wind of the ocean
will brings me back to you.

Maybe I'm not a angel
but I will make a heaven to your pain.
Maybe I'm just a demon
But you will be safe under my wings.

I can open the doors of hell
I can fly across the sky
just for see
your face smile.

BUt just with a condition
call me
your demon of guard .

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

i love this one!!!!
well..i love all! xD
but i specially love this one!!!
i love it!!
i love love love it!!!

Rita Maceo! :D

Moises Misael dijo...

k final!!

Anónimo dijo...

ta fuerteee el final siii.. bacanisimo!